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What is Medical or Para-medical pedicure?  


     A medical pedicure, also known as a “medi-pedi” is a noninvasive, dry procedure

performed by highly skilled and Certified master pedicurist with intense education in foot care who combines knowledge of podiatry with nail care.

This pedicure is guaranteed to be safe and hygienic for Diabetic patients, pregnant mothers, individuals suffering from any immuno-disorder conditions like Lupus. This style of pedicure addresses issues such as: Athlete's foot, gait, callus and cracked heels, damaged toenails, and more.   A medical pedicure adheres to the highest levels of sanitation, medical grade products to help remedy any kind of skin, feet, and nail problems.


What we treat under Medi-Pedi at Remedy Nailz?

 If you have a pincer, also known as 'trumpet head' or nails that have excessive curvatures are ideal for medi-pedi.

Cracked heels caused by neglected feet are ideal for this style of pedicure. After excessive dead skin is removed and cleaned, the client is prescribed medicinal treatment and asked to return 4 weeks to manage and clean.

Excessive dry skin caused by lack of skin and nail routine, dehydration and skin that is abused under the sun is also a medi-pedi. Precautions are taken to reduce the irritated skin and hydrate.  


Callus skin on heels and soles of the feet are ideal for medi-pedi. Callus skin can be caused by improper shoes, wet feet, on the foot for long period of times. This style of pedicure is recommended as the feet are already dehydrated. After nail and cuticle grooming, callus is applied to soften. This step will take place several times until all the callus allowed is removed.  

Nails that are fungal are possible. In our experience, we have realized many fungal nails can be removed and combined with our signature service; toenail reconstruction. However, if the entire is fungal and healthy nail is not visible, this toenail reconstruction may be subject to postponement to later time; once the fungus has nails has been treated for about 2 months.

How often should you get medi-pedi?

    In order to keep your feet happy and healthy, a medical pedicure should be scheduled every 4-weeks. For those with healthy, happy feet, a schedule of between 4 and 6 weeks usually works well. This schedule assumes that you are not trying to make substantial improvements yourself, but rather maintain your healthy feet. For example, if toenails reconstruction services has been performed, then 4-weeks follow up is necessary to maintain the health regimen.

Do podiatrist give pedicures?

   A podiatrist makes sure nails and calluses are cut down to a safe length. They make sure the mechanical of the feet functions correctly with the body including spine, hips and more.  According to dictionary, a podiatrist is defined as: "Podiatrists are medical specialists who help with problems that affect your feet or lower legs. They can treat injuries as well as complications from ongoing health issues like diabetes. 

A pedicure on the other hand, deals with the cosmetic appearance of your nails, grooming nails and cuticles, apply lotion (massage not included) and polish.

Ideal candidate for this style pedicure?   

     Individuals who are suffering from Diabetic type I or type II. This style of pedicure is non-corrosive, waterless and uses only medical grade products safe for Diabetic skin and nails. Also individuals with like Lupus, HIV, Cancer, and other chronical- condition care feel great and look amazing with this style of pedicures.

Medi and Nail Technician

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