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Get a FREE Fungal Reversal

Are your fungal nails candidate for non-acrylic toenail reconstruction?

Medi-Certified, Educated, Nail Technician

Remedy Nailz is the go-to spot for all your traditional and medical nail and feet care needs. Why?

  • Offer specialized pedicure techniques to remedy fungal nails using innovative, non-acrylic, specific antifungal gel for Toenail Reconstruction

  • Highly educated, experienced, and medi-certified nail technician

  • Advanced nail, skin, and feet treatment & mani/pedicure techniques

  • Using medical-grade products that target specific feet, skin, and nail conditions/disorders.

  • Client friendly, safe, private, cozy, and hygienic experience

Our technician is highly educated and provides a service that is both professional and comforting. Make an appointment today to see if you are a candidate for our amazing services.

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Don't Delay. Act now. 

Fill out the form and let us help you remedy your fungal nails. 


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Medi and Nail Technician

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