My passion is doing your nails.

  Since my manicuring license from State Board of Cosmetology in 2013, I wanted to do more for my clients during and after their nail appointment.  While employed in various field of this ever so changing industry, from the low-end of mom & pops salon to the high end of Bliss Spa, soon I came to realize the necessity for proper education and adequate nail services for my clients. I realized that the same brand of gel offered at every nail salon I was employed, did not meet the need of the clients. As we all know, all 5 fingers on one hand are not the same. 

In addition, it became clearly evident that clients needed more education and guidance for in-home nail care. The purpose of getting nails done isn't just to beautify ourselves but to make the investment last. As a nail technician, there is so much I can do while in the shop, but maintenance is required in between appointments.  I set to separate my services from my colleagues and stand out because it is clear that the need of proper pedicures, especially for Diabetic clients is in high demand.  

    As CA Licensed nail technician, I invest in my education. I am always searching the market for products that are as healthy alternative as can be, which provide guaranteed results. In addition to the product certification, I train to become skill certified so I can better understand the science behind the product and your nails. 

Webinars and seminars became very important part of my education as I met industry's most professional and prestige companies and individuals behind the company's successes. I found my interest and passion into other forms of nail care like 'medical' or as it is often called 'well-being' pedicure. Educating clients self-care in between appointments became my favorite part of my nail services. This meant that next visit was even more pleasurable and relaxing. My clients began to build trust with me, and referrals poured in.

     In January 2016, I ventured out on my own and established Remedy Nailz. My mission was and is to beat the market with my intense education in this field. Already my standards for success bar were very high, I became certified nail technician by BioSculpture gels, application, and treatments for that perfect and chip-free gel manicures. These products are one of the best I have used, and my clients love it. It is 10-chemical free, non-toxic (non-glue for enhancements), USA based, lasts up to 4 weeks or longer. Removal is 10-20 minutes; leaves nail healthy and damage free.  My favorite part of the gel is that it is Medical-grade certified with 5-Star rating by nail technicians and by consumers.  


    In lieu of Covid-19, I began to apply my passion towards Fashion Nails until I can return to work. I am still using industry’s top brand full cover nails tips, KiaraSky and WildFlowers, and gels that are professional brand for that perfect gel nail system.  Each design is unique of its kind and is not duplicated. I focus on short/medium length coffin, ballerina, almond, oval, and square nails. In terms of nail art, I use various mediums like nail stamps, foil wraps, Swarovski rhinestones, and more.   Creating fashion press on nails comes together well with my fashion jewelry.  You will find other fashion accessories that you can mix and match with your press on nail purchases. I also put together my favorite products I use during my nail services. Create your own fashion statement. Keep checking back as new items are added periodically.  

     Recently, I earned my newest title, CMP, Certified Master Pedicurist. Who am I and what do I do?

I specialize in well-being pedicures while focusing on the elimination of bad feet postures, feet hygiene and the correct functioning of the feet. This coarse is an  in-depth and intense hands-on (with real models) education about feet, anatomy, mechanical  and deformities plus elimination of such conditions. This style of pedicure is safe for clients with

auto-immune compromised individuals like Diabetics, Lupus, and more


I am the technician you come to see when you have discomfort and pain caused by some form of ingrown and your podiatrist does not have immediate opening. 

I am the technician you come to see when you bang and break your toe nail by hitting your bed's frame and you have to wear sandals. 

  Clients who suffer from ingrown nails by birth, incorrect pedicures, or excessive curvature or involuted nails like pincer nails or Diabetic nails, now have other options to surgery. CMPs can help to alleviate with the discomfort and pain by applying the B.S. Brace. This alternative method of nail bracing is a corrective technique applied to the to toe nails.  The brace tension straightens the nails over time. 

Alternative to nail removal, with the application of Nano-Flex to the nails that are damaged, broken or have to be shortened due to fungal infection, this revolutionary new reconstruction product that is specifically formulated for toenails can be applied to enhance aesthetic appearance of the toe.  Let's remember that any deformities does not occur over night so the treatments available through CMPs are also not over night but are great start.

Thank you for getting to know me as your personal nail technician. I look forward to begin our journey to nail recovery together. 

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