Do-it-Yourself Nail Kit


Designed with your personalized nails in mind. Had gels before Covid-19 or acrylic enhancement removed at home? This nail kit is for you!

   This kit includes my favorite tools and products I use during nail appointment: 

* 1 board with 2 disposable nail file extra fine grit

    (can be used both hands and feet)

    These files are so fine that will not cause breakage, tearing or 

    damage the natural nail. My fav!

* 1 mini Dadi cuticle oil

   Apply this oil that is 95% organic inludeing Olive oil, Vitamin

   E, Jajoba Oil and 21 essentil oils under your free edge, nails and

   skin. Best results if applied before coming in contact with water

* 1 Bio Sculpture Ethos Calcium, Vitamin Dose or Lavender Base

   Strengthen and or nourish your Acrylic or gel abused nails. 

* 1 Block to smooth rough edges and callus skin around nails.

Please allow 2-3 weeks. Price includes Shipping and tax! No refunds/exchane/returns!

 10010 Amboy Ave

 Pacoima, CA 91331 

{818} 624-6526





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