Spa Pedicures vs Regular Pedicures

Spa Pedicure vs regular Pedicure

During a regular pedicure, your nail technician will soak your feet in a warm tub of water with added flavored pedicure salt. The technician then clips, files, and shapes your toenails and grooms cuticles completely. With added a fresh scrub stick, the technician scrubs bottom of feet to remove dead skin. At Remedy Nailz, your nail technician will scrub your feet once dry and second time after wet to remove dead skin completely.

Then, lotion or oil is applied briefly to calves and feet (massage is not included) before your toenails are painted with a base coat, main coat and top coat of organic polish.

A Spa Pedicure includes all the basic and essential nail care as "regular pedicure" but involves more in-depth nail care, soak feet in jet-spa pedicure tub with flavored pedicure salt, treatment, masque to lock in moisture, scrubs to exfoliate dead skins, special lotion or massage oil, hot towel wrap, extended massage, and color application of your choice. 

This service can be upgraded with any Gel Polish.  

Choose from any of my flavored Spa Pedicres:

"Apricot" - BioSculpture's  Apricot Kernel Scrub is an abrasive scrub that contains Heavy Botanical Oils, Apricot Kernels, Pumice and Urea for effective hand and foot exfoliation. 

"Marine Cools"

Stimulating mineral blend softens skin, deodorizes and reduces inflammation. Hydrating sea extracts, conditioning mineral clay, and soothing botanicals soften and exhilarate skin. Uplifting scrub that gently polishes and conditions the skin, creates a healthy glow. 

"Peach" - Tammy Taylor

"No" mineral oil and "No" alcohol. No animal testing is done, and it is non-carcinogenic.

A creamy hypoallergenic formula; gentle enough for babies and anyone with sensitive skin.

Blended with all natural ingredients, Liposome’s, rare botanicals, vitamins, natural moisturizers and humectants

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 Pacoima, CA 91331 

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