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 Appointment available at: 9, 11, 1, 3 pm.

Fridays: 9, 11, 1, 3, 5, 7 pm

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  Product & skilled Certified Nail Technician located in Burbank, I provide professional nail care using medical and science knowledge in one-to-one setting. I take out the stress in getting your nails done. My set of skills and talents separates me from my competition because I can provide medical nail care to clients with chronic conditions such Diabetes, Cancer and more and natural nail care to clients who worry about chemical products on their nails. My mission as product & skilled certified nail technician is to earn your trust the first time. Currently, I am enrolled in Medi-Nail coarse which provides nail care beyond grooming cuticles and applying polish. 

​   I am very selective of my brands of the industry I choose to provide services with. Each brand and color is tested before it is introduced to my client to provide assurance of product satisfaction and guarantee perfection with minimal damage to natural nail.  Hence, rest assured your nails at Remedy Nailz are with the best nail technician who is educated, skilled and product certified, and passionate about your nails and nail services. 

 Every re-usable (metal) implements under go through 3 stages for cross-contamination prevention: Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Sterilization. Each stage is important and plays strong role to prevent cross contamination of viruses and bacteria to maintain a client-safe environment and work stations. First, the cleaning process is to remove all living micro-organism physical removal of live tissue such skin, cuticles, and nails by brush-washing implements. 

In a disinfectant solution that is EPA approved by the State, implements are fully immersed in freshly made disinfectant solution for 10-minutes or as instructed by the manufacturer; for now King Research

    The final step I take is the Sterilization process; which to me is very important step because extreme physical or chemical process that eliminates all forms of microbial life is removed, including transmissible agents like fungi, bacteria, viruses, and all bacterial spore forms implements are rinsed and pat dry; ready for pouches for autoclave sterilization.   Sterilization is required with any implement or tool that penetrates intact skin and contacts the vascular (blood) system and can be achieved by applying heat, chemicals.  Once an item has been sterilized, all micro-organisms have been removed.

Please click here to see foot spa disinfectant video. 

My current and up-coming Achievements

In addition to my certification from King Research, my skill certifications are from industry's top brands: BioSculpture Gels & Evo2, Tammy Taylor (acrlic/hardgel), Kiara Sky (Dip-Powder), IBX Nail Treatment by Famous Products, and more. Currently, I am enrolled in hard-gel application class and I just can't wait. My next class is from Footlogix; which with this certification I will take pedicures to new heights; after I attain my new title as "Master Certified Pedicurist".