My passion is doing nails.

    I am CA Licensed nail technician since 2013. In order to find my calling in this industry, I found myself working with various chains; Mama’s-pappas small nail salons that offer cheap services. I found myself working in spa setting for Bliss Spa in West L.A... I moved onto boutique and luxurious nail Salon. There were two (2) things I came to realize: the first was that regardless the type of the nail salon, the products and colors carried were the same. Second, every nail salon offered the same services as if menus were copied but not really understanding what they were. Most often than not, owners and managers were not licensed or nail experts and were offering incorrect information. I wanted to offer more to my clients during nail appointment; specially individuals who were suffering from a condition like Diabetic or a recent pedicure gone bad.

    Hence, I began looking into Medical nail care.  Soon I found webinars, mentors, and classes I took to gain proper knowledge of foot anatomy, diseases, and conditions. Educating clients self-care in between appointments became my favorite part of any nail appointment. This meant that next visit was even more pleasurable and relaxing. My clients began to build trust with me, and referrals poured in.

    This momentum however made other manicurist nervous and began causing problems. In January 2016, I ventured out on my own and rented a booth. I was happy. I did struggle as I had to find clients again since I do not like to steal clients of other establishments.  I became certified nail technician for BioSculpture gels and nail treatments. Their products are one of the best I have used, and my clients love it. It is 10-chemical free, non-toxic, USA based, lasts up to 4 weeks or longer if you maintain your nails. Removal is 10 minutes; leaves nail healthy and damage free.

  In 2020, I had to close my doors temporarily caused by Covid-19.  My 5 children are in distance learning in different school levels.  So, I began to apply my passion to press on nails. I am still using industry’s top brand nails tips, KiaraSky and WildFlowers, Gels that are professional brand and still pay attention to the same detail as I would in person.

Thank you for stopping on my website and getting to know me as your nail technician. I look forward to working with you and making you and your nails look the BEST!

 10010 Amboy Ave

 Pacoima, CA 91331 

{818} 624-6526





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