Nail technician since 2013, I have been around the block. I have been employed in various nail industry to find my calling.

Now, years later, I have found myself highly educated to perfect my pedicure techniques. In addition, the products used in all pedicure services, are medical-grade, guarantee results, and do treat almost any condition.

Pedicure styles range from basic pedicure to trimming nails to more medical pedicures that treat ingrowns and fungal infections. Click here to review more specialty pedicures. 

My gel products range from industry's best of the best, Bio Sculpture, Evo2, and Gel Bottle Inc.

These gels are non-toxic, highly pigmented, USA made (accept Gel Bottle Inc, a UK) product. Choose from array of vibrant colors, glitters, and more.

Base gels from Biosculpture and Evo2 are customizable to meet the needs of your gel pedicures. Base gels are infused with Vitamin A & E to nourish the natural nail.

Removal of these gels are easy and quick, under 20 minutes.