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Our Certifications

As a leading provider of nail services and products, we take pride in offering the best quality and innovative solutions for our clients. At Remedy Nailz & Shop, we offer advanced nail services and medical-grade products that our customers can trust. Our team of certified master pedicurists and experts will make sure our clients receive the best possible care. Learn more about our recent projects below.


Nail Strengthening Certified

An innovative nail strengthener treatment that works on your natural nails from within. Unlike other nail strengtheners that are applied on top, this one works from inside out, by adhering the first few layers of the nails. Can be used by itself, under gel, under manicure.

Disinfectant Certified

Not only did we pass inspection at the school level, but according the highest level of Governmental requirement, our team and location is infection free.


Certified Master Pedicurist

The leading provider of advanced diabetic and fungal pedicures. As an experienced and skilled pedicurist, I specialize in helping clients who suffer from fungal nail infections, ingrown discomfort, and diabetes. 

Infection Control Certified

At Remedy Nailz, we are committed to maintaining a clean and healthy work environment to prevent the spread of infection. Our team has undergone an advanced course in infection control methods to ensure that we are up to date on the latest practices and protocols. We maintain a work area that is free of dust and debris, use new disposable tools whenever possible, and disinfect all other tools and implements. We mop and disinfect all surfaces and tools at the end of each day to ensure a safe work environment for you.


BioSculpture Vitamin Base Gels

Bio Sculpture USA prides itself in the high standard of education offered to licensed professionals across the United States. Our team of Educators are highly trained individuals that attend annual training seminars to be re-evaluated and trained on the latest products and application techniques.


Apres Gel Colour & Extensions

Extensions! Extensions! and more Extensions!

An innovative and quick way of nail extension that creates perfect, natural looking nail every single time. 

GelXeXtB4After (9).jpg

Medi and Nail Technician

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