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Diabetic Safe Pedicures

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Diabetic Safe Pedicure.

We all want nice looking toes everytime; specially during summer. In case of Diabetic individuals with Type I or II, a professional or medi-pedi will help your toes look their best. This said, for example, if your toe is damaged via trauma or infected, as Certified Pedicurist with advance pedicure techniques,  a CMP can help you to restore your toe nail.

However, too often poor sanitation practices, shared tools, lack of proper eduation, and overzealos of nail technicians working on you during your appointment, the results may increase in skin injuries and or skin and nail infection. 

As Diabetics, you need to know when to postpone your pedicure appointment. If you noticed any infections, cuts or open leisures, open sores on your legs, feet, or toenails, is a good sign and time to postpone your pedicure, specially if you are Diabetic Type II. 

Diabetic or not, one of my advice to all my clients is DO NOT shave your legs/feet before your pedicure appointment as the razor may cut your skin not visible to the naked eye. This can increase your chance of getting infection. 

Let your nail technician know before the appointment begins that you are Diabetic. Morning appointments are best recommended for Diabetic clients.  Please find a Certified Master Pedicurist and stick with this nail technician as higher education allows safer practices.

What does Diabetic pedicure entail?

Firstmost, for Diabetic pedicures, clients feet are not soaked in water. This helps to educe the chance of catching infection. in nerve damage or Neuropathy individuals, water temperature can cause skin burning since feet sensation do not exist. 

I begin by cleansing the feet withhygienic wipe safe for all skin types including diabetics. This wipes take Diabetic pedicures to the next level as it provides spa level service. It is non-fragrances, alcohol-free that effectively cleans and refreshes the feet prior to your service. It does not dehydrate the skin.


Every appointment begins with Client-in take form and feet evaluation. Once completed, I begin using my nippers to shorten the nails because clippers cause damage and weaken the nails. I use my E-file and with a diamond nail shaper bit to smooth the nail free-edge and nail plate bit to smooth the nail plate.  It is NOT recommended to push back cuticle for diabetics because it can cause minor leisures. So, I use my pink diamond  plate cleaner to clean the cuticle. This works great.

I gently debriment the toenails of all debris and ketatonin residues. I don't massage the feet or leg because it can cause blood pressure to increase. I use non-corrosive callus softener and gently smooth out the callus.  If possible, I apply polish.

Medi and Nail Technician

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