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Remedy Nailz Certifications


As the leading Certified Medi-Nail Technician in Greater Los Angeles Area since 2013, I, Robin at Remedy Nailz has everything you need for your nail care, from traditional nail care like Gel-X extensions to specialty medical pedicures and much more.

From comprehensive education in nail and feet anatomy to inclusive training in Diabetes nails, Fungal nails, Athlete's feet, and other traditional nail care, sterilized (autoclave) tools, and workstations, I have a clear understanding of what is needed to keep your nails healthy and making you feel amazing and confident at every appointment.

Here is Why?  

“I wanted your visit to the salon to be worth the time you invest in.   I wanted the products used to help reverse or manage those suffering from fungal nails caused by chronic conditions like Diabetes, injury, or other internal conditions like Athlete’s Feet.  Cancer and chemotherapy take a toll on nails, skin, and hair; so, I choose to be resourceful as to how to manage excessively dry nails, or just help you, the natural nail enthusiasts, to feel safe. I wanted to help you feel confident and look amazing; while working together to minimize or eliminate any nail conditions”. 

Here’s How?  

Working in a nail salon, I realized I had limited resources at my disposal. I knew that I wanted my manicure and pedicure services to be more than cutting cuticles and shaping nails.

Education during the appointment was and is important to me. It has been since 2013.  I wanted my clients to understand the cause of the condition to prevent the recurrence of fungus nails, athlete’s feet, a ring of fire on nails, and the types of infections caused by which bacteria. I want my clients to have a clear understanding of what is included in the service and educate them about what to do in between appointments.


Here's Who?

  "I realized I had perfected my techniques, but I needed to learn how to combine them with the right products to achieve that perfect remedy to tackle targeted feet, skin, and nail concerns. I discovered NASP, the North American School of Podology which educated me with intensive knowledge about feet, Diabetes, and much more. Earning my CMP certification from NASP, I began offering services like toenail reconstruction for sexy summer toes, B/S brace for those prone to ingrown nails.

 In addition to specialty pedicures,  I am also a certified nail technician with the industry’s top manufacturers like Bio Sculpture Gels, Gel-X extension by Après, IBX strengthener by Famous Names, and more.  I trust these products and understand the science behind them. This allows me to customize your gel manicure or pedicure.


As a Certified Medical Master Pedicurist, and as your private nail technician, I earn your trust with every service. I hold deep integrity and high standards of dignity and values. Your trust is earned at your first evaluation appointment.

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