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A highly effective in treating nail fungus and discolored toenails. It will help to grow a healthy nail free of fungus and it will slowly replace the infected part.

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AntiFungal Medecine
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  • How to Use:

    • If you don't have a Certified Master Pedicurist technician, follow the first step. If you have one, and Remedy Nailz technicians are Certified Master Pedicurist, skip the first step>
    • File the nail down as thin as possible with a glass file (included in box)  (only 3 times a week).
    • Apply a few drops of the product to the nail and gently massage in. Not just the top of the nail but the entire toe or toes.
    • The nail will grow ultimately while becoming softer.
    • Use twice a day, until the fungal infection has disappeared.
    • Visible results after 2-3 weeks.
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    All Sales are Final. 

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