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Toenail Reconstruction

What is toenail reconstruction?

Let us first make clear that any work done on natural nails, is considered cosmetic; to enhance the appearance.

However, some services are both cosmetic and medical like toe-nail reconstruction.

This procedure is to remove the nail that is not attached to the nail bed (for individuals dealing with fungal infection).

Once damaged nail is removed and area is cleaned, a special gel like substance, especially formulated for feet and

toenails is applied onto the nail bed and attaching to the remaining of the good nail.


This process helps to create an aesthetic look and the illusion of natural looking nails. This gel is available in various  pink shades to match every skin tones. Then polish of your choice is applied. Along with this procedure, an anti-fungal tincture is given, which application will help to destroy/eliminate the bacteria growth.

How long will this new nail last?

This is a temporary solution and does require maintenance. However, if the proper usage of the antifungal tincture spray is used as directed, new nail will grow. Normally, every 4-6 weeks, the procedure needs to be re-applied to assure proper treatment continuation. During this appointment, another evaluation is performed to determine the proper step.


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Medi and Nail Technician

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