A Wake Up Call? It's about time!

Covid's arrival was a wake up call for all of us. It is unfortunate that so many lives world wide have been lost but if we were cautious from beginning, we would have been stronger than this man-created virus and have beaten before it became so aggressive.

As educated nail technician and recently taken a refresh coarse for infection control class, I came to realize I needed to vamp up my already-clean process. I recently replaced my current EPA approved solution for implements and station disinfecting with Rejuvenate Plus.

I have disinfecting wipes surrounding my nail and pedicure station. I even have an extra one just for clients to use by the door if they need to open door knobs, etc.

I am blessed that my setting currently is a private setting; just you and me. I still provide the same exceptional nail care and impeccable customer service using the same top of the notch gel pods and feet formulated products.

Hope to see you soon!


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