Ready to Heal?

I am here to listen.

Sometimes, we just someone to listen to what we have to say without judgement; without feedback.

I've been there and I do find myself sometimes there but I have found my listener. It is God.

I find myself speaking to him often and it helps me to realize and relax when I feel the world is against me all at once.

Having to close my nail station due to covid, I have also disconnected from society and limited to local stores for grocery shopping until it is safe for a normal return; not that it will ever be the same. So, i feel frustrated at times with 5 kids distance learning.

I sign up for local online coarses and clases to stay ahead of my competition and getting to return to my passion; performing nail care for all my clients and friends.

So here is a thought: "if you find yourself lost, don't panic. Stop. Take a look around. There is always one who is like you. Like me."


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