You can do it!

Often I am asked: "How do I do it?" I have 5 children under age of 13; who have blessed my days with their love, kindness and generosity. Each day is filled with surprising details, affection from each of my children.

I started my venture in nails after experiencing few life's discomfort in the nail/beauty industry. As a teenager, I performed my own manicures and pedicures. However, after a while, I noticed white flaky spots on my nails once I removed nail polish.

I ventured to local nail salons; hoping to find some answers and put my soul at ease that I was not dealing with something more serious. The only results I found was "Come on in. We'll do you pedicure and it will go away!"

Of coarse I refused.

Then, after few in-home pedicures without polish, my spots went away. So I had found out my own solution to my problem.

Once employed at Bliss Spa in West Los Angeles Branch few years ago, I decided to celebrate my birthday with a spa pedicure. It was enjoyable as I was enjoying my service and felt comfortable trusting my 20-year veteran nail technician.

However, 3 weeks later, I noticed my nails changing; thickening and flaking. I approached my nail tech and I was refused and my problems ignored.

Years forward, I became mother to 5 beautiful children and I didn't want my children to become victim to someone's negligence and ignorance. I enjoyed working with my hands as I was in construction (residential) for 8 years and safety of my own children; I ventured into nail school. As Avon Ind. Sales Rep. sine 2010, I felt in love with polishes and designs. As my children enjoyed reading Avon brochures, I enjoyed meeting new people and finding out the problem they were facing with local new salons. With the help of my District Manager, I grew my Avon business to 300 clients in just 2 little months. This venture, helped me to pay for my nail school, classes, seminars, webinars, I took after and during my student months.

Hence, here we are since 2013 as a successful nail technician that cares passionately about the well being of your nails; inside and out. I believe changing the beauty industry in the nails by educating clients one at a time. I choose to provide nail care services in a clean and sterilized atmosphere, one to one setting (private) and sterilized implements each time.

Book your appointment today and try my services. You leave my place with a "WOW".


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I am here to listen. Sometimes, we just someone to listen to what we have to say without judgement; without feedback. I've been there and I do find myself sometimes there but I have found my listener.

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