Brittle nails drive you crazy?

Brittle nails will not go away if covered with gel polish back to back. Nails that are covered constantly, get brittle, dry and damaged and very fragile. Peeling free edges occur becasue nail plates and nails get dry and over exposed to chemicals like acetone or other cleaning chemicals.

If gels are your to go to look your best, then you must protect your nails before application of gel polish. IBX treatment can be a life saver for nails and it can make a huge difference on your nails. IBX is like the primer on your face's foundation. In order for your foundation to last till end of the day, a good primer is applied. IBX is that extra protective layer that creates on top of the nail and helps nails grow stronger and healthier from inside. Click here to watch a video of this amazing protection and try yourself.


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