Diet is great but nails are not?

Often we find ourselves reading an article about who lost weight and how much in short amount of time. We fail to realize not every diet is the proper diet for us since our body and its functions varies from individual to the next. Finding the right diet and exercise is knowing and understanding your body type. Once you have that figured out; like Almond, pear, apple, hour-glass etc, dieting becomes fun.

On nails however, it takes about 90-days to see results. Our bodies generate new cells every 28-days. Just like our bodies, not every nail treatment or strengthener works the same. These traditional hardeners work on nail surface only. However, if you like to see an immediate results with treatment to your nails' health recovery, try IBX Natural Nail Treatment that can be wore under any Gel Manicure or Classic manicure.

Watch this video and then book your appointment online.


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