Luxury or Traditional?

Beauty is all about luxurious experience that beautifies not only exterior but it is a complete make over.

Nail Services should not be any different. The environment should be clean at all times, clients should be relaxed and feel safe and trust worthy from the time she enters the salon and leaves.

At Remedy Nailz, I strive for luxurious experience because I provide my services one-to-one and make sure you feel like home. This allow me also to customize your nail service.


 2033 W Glenoaks Blvd. 

 Inside Park Ave Hair Salon

 Glendale, CA 91201 * {818} 624-6526



 Sun - Mon. & Wed. - Closed

 Thurs. :

 Appointment available at: 9, 11, 1, 3 pm.

Fridays: 9, 11, 1, 3, 5, 7 pm

For Saturday appointments, please call!​


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